Are you looking out for the best Islamic apps for your toddler? Do you want your child to listen to the Arabic alphabet, Islamic Supplications and Islamic facts right from an early age? Install these top five Islamic apps on your android or smart phone and make sure your child actually opens them up and uses them!


The Islamic Word Scramble is a very interesting and interactive game for young children that attempts to teach the young minds different Islamic vocabulary terms and words. All the child has to do is to rearrange the scrambled tiles to form a proper word in a certain time limit!  have downloaded this free app myself and Ma sha’ Allah my child knows most of these words and understands their concepts.

2. ABC OF ISLAM: This app, namely ABC of Islam enables the child to start recognizing the basic alphabet, its shape and sound. Also it teaches a vocabulary word that relates to Islam and starts with each letter. As the child progresses in learning, he memorizes all the words. This is a must have app for making the child learn the basic ABC.
3. MUSLIM KIDS SERIES DUA: The Muslim Kids Series Dua app consists of an adorable little
child who helps its young viewers different Islamic supplications
and Duas meant to be recited at different occasions. There is
option for listening Arabic audio and its translation in any
desired language.
This app consists of the basic Qaida that enables the child to
learn to read the Quran with proper fluency and pronunciation.
This is a fun app and provides quizzes and tests along with the
lessons making the child learn while at play!
This app is also a must have for your android. Again, it consists
of small cute little child characters which your child follows and
learns Arabic Supplications and their applications.
Alhamdulillah, many children have learnt Duas from this app.
For more Islamic apps for kids, click here or visit Google Playstore.


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