Taken In By Surprise!

Blue-surprised-cartoon-smiley.png (300×294)Each day, I open up this site to check my blogs stats, comments (if any) and to add any new post. I am new at blogging and my blog is not even two months old, so to be honest, there are not much comments to reply to or any major happenings around it. Each day is the same, a few visitors from here and there, one comment sometimes and a like or two pressed randomly, I guess. “Who has time to actually read all this?” I would think and then life would go on.

Today was different. I logged in and was taken in by surprise!

One of my friends here, who is also a Muslimah and who had been reading and keeping track of all my posts had sent me a link indicating she had nominated me for the Liebster Award! 1392654230.png (164×300)

I could not believe my eyes. I had never heard of any blogging awards and a nomination for an award so soon. All the time I was thinking that my page is still new and I haven’t even got a 100 follows so far. Well, I click on the link that takes me to her page, I read the post and here I am writing this all down…. Now in my next post, I will answer all the questions that are asked and nominate a few pages myself 😉

Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) has place great emphasis on giving gifts and presents to each other for they create a feeling of love and affection for each other.. I feel now that really this sister has made my day and I can’t wait to give the same happiness to others as well!

Thank you so much!!

3 thoughts on “Taken In By Surprise!

  1. With pleasure, my sister! In a fact, you are a great writer. I do know about your job, while I’m struggling to reach that job. I am learning from your blog. Because I am a learner. English is not my own language, so you can know my English level, lol. You are deserve to receive this award, Sis. Indeed, I love your posts n your writing style, please pray for me, May Allah make me easy in my learning. Jazakillah khoir 😊💗


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