A Real – Neat – Blog Award :)

real-neat-blog-award.png (864×540)

Only around two weeks ago, I was presented with the first award here, The Liebster’s Award, when I was taken in by surprise as I was totally unaware of any awards being passed out on this platform.

And now, I have received another award (so soon!), called the Real-Neat-Blog Award. This award sounds really cool and comes well in time, as I was thinking to myself if my page looks overly crowded!

Thank you so much for the nomination and selection, dearkitty1.wordpress.com. This has really given me a lot of encouragement and I now want to work harder upon it to achieve more of such awards! I have been asked to make a few nominations and answer some questions, Insha Allah, I plan to do that too.

I would also like to thank all my readers who have been visiting my site very often, taking out time to read and like and comment upon my pieces of texts. Its with all your help that I have received my second award so soon…..

Remember me in your prayers everyone and keep visiting here to remain updated with my latest posts… Thank you all 🙂

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