Instant Energy Drink for Everyone

johnny-coffee-2.png (272×300)Winter is at its peak and its quite cold here these days. And its much much colder and chillier than ever in other places. To beat this cold wave and to avoid it to make you fall sick or to make yourself better if you have already caught a cold, prepare this energy drink and have a cup full of it and pass it around to each of your family members…

Take a big pan, fill it up with 3 glasses of water and keep for boiling. Now add a few pieces (at least 4) of chicken into the pan. Let it boil for some time. Now add into it a few whole black pepper corns, a tablespoon full of whole dried coriander, pinch of turmeric powder, and salt to taste. Next, add the magic ingredients into the pan which are : few slices of carrots, three big spinach leaves, one small whole onion and few, fresh coriander and mint leaves…. Let this whole mixture boil for a few minutes on high. Strain and serve immediately while its hot.

You can also add chunks of boiled egg to this mixture for added flavor and energy!

Children are usually fussy about having vegetables and this is one very easy way to include vegetables in their diet without even letting them know about it :):)

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