Beginning with Images


I have just started working upon images (creating my own and editing some form the net) and this is my very first attempt in making a new one from scratch!

Till now, I had dealt with writing stuff down, create web content, perform research work, write product reviews and so on but now I hope to further improve upon my skills and learn graphic designing as a formal course, Insha’ Allah to take on more freelancing jobs as they develop.

8 thoughts on “Beginning with Images

  1. Dear sister,
    I encourage you in your will to improve yourself and wanting to learn new things. That’s why I would like to give some advice. It is pretty good for a first attempt.
    Which software do you use? There are pretty basics one or more advanced ones available for free on the internet but to design things like this (pictures, posters, logos and so on), I highly recommend Illustrator if you wish to really have a professional results (but you’ll need to invest and buy the software which can be costly). Illustrator can also be challenging depending on your level of computer handling, knowledge and how fast you learn such things. So it depends on your intention, level and commitment. There are many free tutorials available on youtube to help you.
    So my comments (that insha allah will help you improve):
    – Don’t mix too much fonts (you can play with size, style and colors but different fonts makes it look a bit messy).
    – Try to keep your shapes inside the frame (in this example, your ellipse is outside the frame on the top and the left side). It can be a style to have part of your shape outside but I suggest for beginners to keep it inside so it looks neater.
    – Be careful with the use of colours. This is a tricky part and I still struggle with it a lot. Because you have 5 different colours in your picture ( pink, yellow; black, blue and pink for the letters). Try to stick to the same colours (for example 2) but in different tones, lighter, darker…
    Also, if you feel brave enough, you can try to design a small logo that you can include in your pictures and worksheets or any other material πŸ˜‰

    May Allah SWT bless you sister.

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    • Jazak Allah sister, for such a detailed review of the image! I have read your remarks and you are right about the Illustrator, Insha’Allah I plan to install that soon. This is a very basic software used here by me. The ellipse, I did it a little outward as a design, I never intended to make it along the line actually :):)

      And yes, I plan to work upon a small logo and banner image once I am ready to do so!

      Thanks once again for your expert advice.


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