Strawberry Delight


Its very hot here and what’s better than a glass of chilled strawberry smoothie to beat the heat?

Kids come tired after a long day at school in this hot weather and giving them a chilled strawberry smoothie with yogurt can be the best refreshment for them that will not only delight their taste buds, but will also help them stay cool and healthy.

Here’s my recipe of making strawberry milkshake or smoothie, whatever you call it….

What you will need:

1 cup strawberries (washed and cleaned, cut into chunks)

1/2 liter milk

3 tbsp fresh yogurt

2 tbsp sugar

What you will do:

Put all the ingredients together in a blender and blend them all until none of the strawberry chunks are to be seen. Pour this into a jug and keep in freezer to chill. Serve after at least an hour.

You can wash and cut the strawberries and freeze them in a plastic container. Then you can take them out whenever you wish to use them.

Isn’t that a very easy and quick recipe of strawberry milkshake? Do try it out, it takes only a few minutes to collect and blend all these ingredients.

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