Another Reward :)

1392654230.png (164×300)So I have been awarded with the Infinity Dreams Award by no other than PETITE POETRIES AND MORE at

Thank you so much for nominating me, do visit her blog page for reading her wonderful pieces of texts and poetry!

As per the rules of this award, I have to state seven facts about myself and nominate other bloggers to share their experiences. So, here are the seven facts

  1. I am greatly thankful with all my heart, to Allah Subhan Ahu Wa’Taala for everything that He has given to me. I just run short of words at such moments 🙂

2. Being a mother is the best position in the world and like all of the mothers out there, I too feel that because now as I have achieved the most honorable and esteemed           positions in the world,  I must devote all my quality time and efforts in raising my kids.

3. I have realized the importance of relationships over time and why maintaining them is so important… you just can’t live without them and each and every step you take in life, reminds you of them.

4. I am inspired by those people, especially women, who are not taken aback by failures they face in life. In fact, they become bolder when they are unsuccessful and start off again with double the courage and effort as previously.

5. I must be reading adult novels and literature now but still, I simply love to read children’s story books and fiction. I like them for their simplicity and fantasies that revolve around their stories unlike the ones for elders which are almost always reality based. I love reading them aloud to my kids and students.

6. Most of the times I just procrastinate and delay my writings and activities here for no reason at all! I am just too lazy and that is one big weakness of mines.

7. I want a break every now and then from my usual routine and escape somewhere away from my home, even if that break is half an hour long!

Here are my nominations…

All you have to do is write seven facts about yourself and nominate other bloggers… share the happiness around 😉

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