Do Not Give Up!!

do not give up, remain hopefulI had my eyes set over a certain editing job, that I really really wanted to do. There were two solid reasons for that, firstly it was for some Islamic based literature and secondly, it involved use of skills that I have never before done on any other job so it was supposed to be a big plus on my job history…..

But I logged on this morning only to see that job has already awarded to someone else 😦 😦

Ahhh Welllll, this is life!

What lessons are to be learnt from this?

  • You cannot get everything that you desire.
  • You have to work hard and even harder at times to meet your goals. Her sample piece definitely surpassed the sample I had provided to the client and now I must put in more effort to do a better work next time!
  • You must acquire patience and be willing to wait for other opportunities to come around you. May be Allah wants you to do something even more competent and He has chosen for you some even better accomplishments in the near future.
  • You must remain hopeful of brighter and sunnier days to arrive in life. Life does not end here, there are many more opportunities to come.
  • You must continue with your remaining, everyday chores and tasks in the same way as before, without being unmotivated or unhappy. You may win some in life and you may lose some, this is it!
  • You must keep other choices beside you and not just rely upon a single opportunity. If you are unable to pursue one, you will still have the road open for you to go for something else.

So have you faced such a thing before? I am sure everyone must have, in one way or the other.. do let me know. It might help me feel better!

4 thoughts on “Do Not Give Up!!

  1. Please look at your life in broader perspective… because Allah has far sighted plans for your life that you could never imagine. Never mind the opportunity taken by another. You’re meant for something better!

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