Never A Day Off!

Anonymous-pen-pencil.png (300×272)I had decided not to work this Sunday and give myself a break, but couldn’t succeed in doing so. I logged in and checked and replied to all messages and even did some short revision work for a client.

So this is one issue related to freelancing, and that is, you can never get a day’s off from work.Everyday is working day…

Yet everyday can be a non working day if you choose it that way :):)

The choice is all yours.

For freelancers, weekends are the best times when they can finish off their remaining chores for their clients, when their regular tasks are a little less hectic as compared to the week days.

Weekends become more productive this way and for those who have actually quit their offline work to become full time freelancers, I guess they usually get to enjoy their weekends during the middle of the week!

5 thoughts on “Never A Day Off!

  1. in sha Allah i pray i will be able to do this someday! I have had a couple offers but been too busy to follow up. Make dua for me and i will for you. jazakAllah khair for this helpful site!
    as-salamou alaikom

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