Stuck In Time

timeTeaching how to tell time to kids can be a real challenge as telling time can be confusing and tricky at times 🙂

I mean, real tricky.

Starting from the basics, like counting the numbers and identifying the hands of the clock and moving on to advanced time telling with calculations for how many minutes past or to a certain hour and for how many minutes did a particular activity occur, this time telling activity can leave your child puzzled if not done gradually and properly.

These days I am busy teaching my younger one how to tell the time…He gets it all mixed up and here is what he has made in the clock when I asked him to show a quarter to 7 🙂


This little colorful clock is part of a Time Learning Kit by EARLY WORKSHOP, that  a friend gave me and which I have started using to teach time telling to my own son now.

Appropriate for children of all ages, it comes with a wide number of flash cards to show to the kids, with an analog clock on one and it’s digital time on the other side.


This clock did an amazing work with the time teaching activity that I was doing. Learning got filled with fun and the excitement to learn something new doubled because of it. A must have item in the house or school if you have kids around and you have to teach them something new everyday.


6 thoughts on “Stuck In Time

  1. I”m glad to see you are teaching your child how to tell time. I teach high school, and many of my students cannot tell time because they only have digital clocks in their homes and digital watches and mobile telephones that give the time digitally.


    • Awww.. I appreciate kids being taught since childhood such basic concepts. Showing them digital clocks so they can easily read out the numbers from there is not much of a challenge, I think. Worksheets and problem solving at young age allows them to learn such skills which are useful in later years.

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  2. There’s definitely a progression in learning to read the clock. In prekindy I teach my students the o’clock first: “the long hand is pointing to the 12 so it’s something o’clock and the short hand is pointing to the number.” Love the kit, hands on is always the way to go.

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