Happiness Is…

taking a break, weekend fun, life, holiday

So all of us deserve a break, don’t we??

In fact, so many times, a break from your daily routine is all you want…

Taking a break really helps, by the way, to soothe your nerves, to relax your self and to give yourself time to breathe. Sitting on that chair for hours glaring the computer screen, hogging the kids all day long, same chores, same activities to perform day after day makes your mind uneasy and your body bored!

So every now and then, remember to take a break. If not for long, then for an hour or two only. During that time free yourself of all worries and strains and just reeelaaaaax :):)

11 thoughts on “Happiness Is…

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  2. I totally agree. I certainly need refresher moments at these time of my life. My willpower has been drained needlessly by the futile organization I’m working now…..your blog is my outlet to release pent up frustration. Thank you sister!

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