Welcome Ramadhan 2015!

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So Ramadhan is here once again Masha’Allah and all of us have finally reached this month, thanks to Allah Subhan Ahu Wa Ta’ala. We are all alive and breathing and making an effort every now and then to remember Him and please Him.

What happens when we meet a very close friend or relative after one whole year? We have met them after a period of 11 whole months and we are so close to them that, that…. We give them the biggest hug that we can, shed plentiful of tears and talk and talk to them as we have never met them before! Isn’t that right??

Ramadhan is like a close friend of ours. Meet it by giving it the warmest welcome 🙂

Devote your utmost time and attention towards embracing Salah, performing Dhikr and doing Dua’a. Fast during the day and read the Quran. Understand its meanings and vocabulary. After all, it’s the month of the final revelation of the Quran. Do shed plentiful of tears while supplicating to Allah and do a lot of Istighfar.

Wishing you all a very happy Ramadhan. May Allah bless us all to perform righteous deeds, acts of Ibadah and fast properly. And we all live to see the next Ramadhan too, Insha’Allah! Ameen.

Remember me in your prayers,

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