Dessert Idea: Mixed Fruit Trifle

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Today, I have made this delightful dessert called the Mixed Fruit Trifle. It didn’t take long to make this as most of the ingredients were ready made purchased from the supermarket, except for the vanilla custard that I had to prepare especially for this. I am sharing with you the recipe here. Continue reading

Instant Energy Drink for Everyone

johnny-coffee-2.png (272×300)Winter is at its peak and its quite cold here these days. And its much much colder and chillier than ever in other places. To beat this cold wave and to avoid it to make you fall sick or to make yourself better if you have already caught a cold, prepare this energy drink and have a cup full of it and pass it around to each of your family members…

Take a big pan, fill it up with 3 glasses of water and keep for boiling. Now add a few pieces (at least 4) of chicken into the pan. Let it boil for some time. Continue reading

Lunch Box Ideas: Chicken Mince Kebabs

bugerandchip-.png (299×251)Schools for kids are about to open and this week, I plan to prepare a few things in advance and store them or freeze them so they may be used from Monday on wards for kids lunch boxes.
Chicken Mince kebabs recipe is what I am sharing with you here. Chicken mince kebabs make a healthy lunch box snack or you can serve them in the evenings after play time. You can have them fresh or freeze them for use later on, just like those ready frozen packets of meals we buy from the markets. Continue reading