The Beauty of The Adhan

adhanfinalWhenever I hear the Adhan, I always think of my family members and friends in Western countries where Adhan is not called out aloud via loudspeakers and no body in the neighborhood can actually hear it taking place…. The Adhan is a call to prayer, a reminder that began in the times of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), in fact, he was the one who had felt the need for it as Muslim population of Medina was on the rise and Muslims were busy than before in trade and agriculture. What happens if we have an appointment with our boss at work? What do we do? We wake up on time, wear our best clothes and reach the office on time, earlier than our usual time.. after all, we have to impress him and in doing so appropriately, we expect some kind of a promotion in our current position, a substantial increase in benefits from him and an elevated view of ourselves in his eyes. The same ruling applies to students who want to impress their teachers, they want extra marks for their overall conduct and behavior, points for meeting the deadlines and so on…. Continue reading

Saying Salah in Jamaat

NYUMBANGMASJID.png (146×209) While sitting for lunch together, my kids asked me why boys (and all males) were supposed to say Salah in the mosque with all other men, rather than pray privately in their homes?

Both of my kids are boys and they have crossed the age of seven. Their inquiring faces tell me they are just curious to hear my reply. This is what I tell them,

Suppose you want to build a huge building and you intend to do it for social welfare. You alone do not have the strength or resources; after all its a huge project. You have two options: either you do it alone or you seek help of others. Continue reading