Dessert Idea: Mixed Fruit Trifle

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Today, I have made this delightful dessert called the Mixed Fruit Trifle. It didn’t take long to make this as most of the ingredients were ready made purchased from the supermarket, except for the vanilla custard that I had to prepare especially for this. I am sharing with you the recipe here. Continue reading

Never A Day Off!

Anonymous-pen-pencil.png (300×272)I had decided not to work this Sunday and give myself a break, but couldn’t succeed in doing so. I logged in and checked and replied to all messages and even did some short revision work for a client.

So this is one issue related to freelancing, and that is, you can never get a day’s off from work.Everyday is working day…

Yet everyday can be a non working day if you choose it that way :):) Continue reading

Do Not Give Up!!

do not give up, remain hopefulI had my eyes set over a certain editing job, that I really really wanted to do. There were two solid reasons for that, firstly it was for some Islamic based literature and secondly, it involved use of skills that I have never before done on any other job so it was supposed to be a big plus on my job history….. Continue reading

How To Begin Work At Home

googley-eye-birdie-has-questions.png (298×196)Many of my friends have been asking me how I actually landed with the first job on freelancing sites. I have also been receiving many messages  from friends  on various social networking sites making queries about my freelancing jobs and how I actually began with it :):)

Most of these sites are very popular and gaining popularity day by day as college students and housewives are increasingly wanting to utilize their time and skills in doing something productive. Find out what skills are highly in demand these days and also what 5 careers are most in demand in the market if you are highly interested in finding freelancing jobs for yourself.

So how to find your first job? How much to wait? What to do exactly? Continue reading

Work At Home: Yes! I’ve Got A Job

Exquisite_kwrite.png (271×294)Opening up my freelancing projects site, I notice that I have got a new job. How excited I am, for I had been wanting to do all this since years! Now, I look carefully and read the job statement and try to figure out what exactly this client liked about it, that he at once awarded me the job…

It wasn’t like this in the beginning, to be very honest, for I would state the request and wait and wait. None of them would be replied for. Continue reading

Work at Home: Top 5 skills in demand

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The top 5 careers to choose from is what you just read from me, now move on to read the top 5 skills that are very in most demand these days.

Many skills have been in demand since the rise of the internet, blogging and increase in social media interactions. Lately, there has been a sharp rise in the increase in demand of a few skills, read on more to find out about the latest skills that are very much in demand these days:


If you are into programming, then this is one of the most in demand skill. Use your knowledge and expertise to establish your own company to perform programming jobs for others. Programmers are paid quite well and you can use your expertise to earn as well as gain experience over time.


If you know word press or blogger or any other site that offers blogging features, then you are certainly capable of doing lot more than you are actually doing! Setting up a simple site and moving on to setting up of advanced options on a site are one of the highly in demand skills and people are taking special courses and attending tutorials to actually establish themselves further in these skills!


If you know how to write, you are an amazing writer and know your language well, inside out, then again you can go for any kind of writing jobs available at many freelancing websites or micro job sites.

Read more about these sites at my own blogs, check out from the TECHNOLOGY category listed above.


It seems that social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin have become very popular lately. If you know how to use these effectively, you can join any individual or company to market their product or service through these sites.


If you know any other second language besides your native one, then you can become a translator. This skill is also much in demand as with the increase in people from different cultures sitting across the web, need to translate the written material in an understandable language highly arises.

If you have any of these skills, if you are a stay at home mom, college student, retired officer or just any one who would like to do something to avail their free time productively, then use your knowledge to look for the appropriate job!

If you are looking for sites to perform freelancing projects, then view them here… and you can also check out how micro job sites work.