Video as a replacement to Textbook?

training_icon.png (280×266)Taking my online class last Wednesday night on Moodle, I just could not marvel at the facilities I am provided with. Yes, these are from home, I can adjust and watch them at whatever timings suit me and so and so. Everyone knows the wonders of studying and working from home.

But, considering the same thing for my kids, I was thinking whether it was an appropriate idea to replace videos and online audio classes with textbooks?

They provide pictures and live streaming and that will provide a practical approach to learning. The recording of the class will be available again and again and again! You can play and show the video several times if the kids did not understand anything or have forgotten any part of the lecture. They felt lazy to take notes? They don’t remember what assignment they were supposed to submit? When was the due date? Oh come on, you would just say, open up and watch the file again.

Also, students can create databases of videos and tutorials and compile them up altogether for viewing them afterwards. They can create short videos of their own presentations on the given topics and may come up with an entire library of videos. This all sounds so amazing. And implies a lot and lot of learning! Plus, another great advantage would be the presence of kids and teachers from across the globe, breaking all physical and cultural barriers.

5.png (300×152)Being an avid reader myself since childhood, the importance of a normal textbook can never, never be denied. Books and the fun of reading, this is what I tell my kids, can never be replaced with any other activity. The creativity and thoughts that reading boosts in the mind of the child is unlimited. Also, reading from a textbook will make them better writers. They will see the words and learn how to spell them and use them properly. They may take any online classes if they choose, but textbook reading for a particular course is what they must do and attempt to understand the concept thoroughly. For that is compulsory!

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