Clear Up The Mess!

organize.png (300×246)Nope, I am not talking about clearing my workplace….

And I am also not talking about clearing up my room…

I have been surfing here and there through many different sites just now and some sites I came through.. I just felt like shouting to them to Clear Up The Mess! There was just too much on each page, too much text, too many widgets and too many pics.

I really feel like sharing those pages here but of course, I cannot 🙂
I personally like a clean and clear page, well categorized and classified according to various topics. That leads to a reader friendly page where the readers can find their topics of interests easily and select the one they like. Preferably, links placed in the end for a previous and next post is desirable and a list of recent posts on the side bar.

Too much clutter on a page may look confusing. I saw a page here, it was an educational one with many articles and links to many others, all jam packed together along with accompanying pictures and tagged images, that there was no space left at all. The only thing I could see very clearly was the big counter that showed the blog stats… There is no doubt that the site must be informative and content, well written but there was lack of organization and clarity.

I guess, everyone knows the benefits of a well organized room or workplace. Easy to access things around, find them and use them. Roam around freely. Change positions of furniture pieces if you want, change drawer settings if you like, whenever you like them. Same goes for a site. A site that is well organized may lead a reader to roam around freely across it, boosting readership stats of your page. Also, you will be able to change settings and positions of objects across your page if you need to make it appear more readable and attractive.

So people, have a look around and enhance the look of your page with a few, quick steps to make it user friendly.

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