Ramadhan Reading Program

reading program, ramadhan, islamAs I mentioned earlier in my article entitled, How to Motivate Kids For Ramadhan, I had mentioned in one of the points the benefits of reading out Islamic based books and Ramadhan themed stories to make the kids feel motivated for the upcoming days.

Well, here I have come across this Ramadhan Reading Program for Kids, which really seems something interesting for kids to participate in. Its organized by Alexandria Potter, Founder at Layla Lights, and she aims to provide a common platform where children and their mothers, can make the most out of this blessed month.

The Ramadhan Reading Program accompanies a Reading packet for every registrant that is full of useful kids-friendly material, like a Quran log, Islamic Crafts etc. Winners are to be selected at the end of the month, each of them will receive a goodie bag and a certificate!

Sounds awesome, right?

Don’t forget to register yourself at the official page of Layla Lights by clicking here!

I am sure its going to be a fun idea and an excellent source of learning for your children.

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