The Beginning of Freelancing

start-banner.png (231×297)Since the last couple of years, I wanted to avail my time in a productive manner and “do something” and earn a few bucks while doing so… I thought of many ideas, one being to start a fashion designer’s boutique, the other, opening up a learning centre to teach kids skills like mathematics and language e.t.c. but none of my ideas managed to even start working out for lack of space or lack of facilities did not venture up the project right from the beginning!

One day, I accidentally tumbled upon a freelancing site and then lo and behold! there was no looking back after that.. I made my account, registered myself and started applying for a decent writing job with the hope of working hard myself and not getting any pay at all!

“This is what happens when you work online”, I thought to myself,” They take the work from you and never pay you for it”.

But to my surprise, the Freelancing site was so properly managed and the returns were just awesome! There were thousands of jobs to select from ranging around a variety of categories and you could apply to any of them… and all of it was absolutely FREE!

From then, till now I have been successfully taking up writing projects whenever I felt I had time and energy to complete, as being a housewife, I am always into multitasking… you know how life is with kids, school routines, household chores and everything…But thanks to these freelancing sites, I have managed to keep myself busier and more productive, in the sense that I now know that I am utilizing my education to something!

13 thoughts on “The Beginning of Freelancing

  1. Subhan’Allah, your post has definitely served as motivation. Currently, I am also a housewife but, I don’t have children. Having earned a college degree, I feel as though I’ve wasted my time and really don’t see the benefit of me having earned a college degree. After receiving a “like” from you, regarding one of my post, I decided to check your blog out Walhamdulillah, I’m happy that I did. I’m looking to move to Egypt in approximately four weeks, in sha Allah, and I was looking forward to doing some kind of work…I don’t know much about freelancing, but I’m looking forward to learning more by following your blog wallahu Alim. Jazak’Allah khair

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